Hello! My name is Sarah, and I have two missions in life: making comics and petting cats.

Upcoming projects: Chainmail Bikini, Colonial Comics Vol. 2, Love in All Forms. Learn more here.


Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions: The Dialogue of Cajamarca
Harvard University, Fall 2014

Co-writing and illustrating a graphic resource on an important (and particularly interesting) moment in the Spanish conquest of the Inca. Visit drawingconclusions.org to learn more. This project is made possible by the Lasky-Barajas Dean’s Innovation Fund.


Then It Was Dark

Then It Was Dark
Winter 2014-15

Wrote and illustrated “Unheard Voices” for a paranormal anthology, about the eerie history of a New England home and its rumored haunts.


Pedro Serrano

Deep Trouble
Symbolia Magazine, October 2014

Co-wrote and illustrated “The Savagery of Civility” for comics journalism magazine Symbolia with my Drawing Conclusions partner, Dr. Nicole Legnani. We cover the 16th century tale of marooned sailor and ex-conquistador Pedro Serrano, an account which highlights the precariously thin line between what it means to be civilized or savage.


Colonial Comics

Colonial Comics: New England, 1620–1750
Fulcrum Publishing, Fall 2014

Wrote and illustrated “The Missing Cheese” for the first volume of this series of anthologies about colonial American history: “Puritan America was, for women, a time of tremendous restriction. For those with an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, their best bet was to marry a supportive man who would allow them a certain amount of autonomy, giving them the status to make such endeavors socially acceptable. One of these women was Mary Huntris. A series of court records chronicle her struggle for independence and the arch-nemesis she gained along the way.” Learn more here.

Look out for my work in the second volume as well, projected release in summer 2015!


The Dreamer

The Dreamer, Volume 3: The Battle of Harlem Heights
IDW Publishing, March 2014

Illustrated “deleted scene” bonus content for Lora Innes’ comic series.


Under the Apple Tree

Under the Apple Tree
Boston Public Library, 2011-2012

Wrote and illustrated a historical graphic novel during my time as Children’s Writer-in-Residence with the Associates of the Boston Public Library.


Under the Apple Tree


I also make journal comics of questionable quality.


These projects are appropriate for most ages. For a full listing, view all projects here.