2011-2012 Writer-in-Residence

Last week I received some of the best news of my life.

Every year, the Associates of the Boston Public Library offer a fellowship to an emerging children’s writer. From September through June, the individual is given a living stipend and a room of his/her own in the library in Copley Square. The purpose is to allow someone the resources to finish a book. This year I decided to apply, as they were seeking author/illustrators; I figured it’d be worth the bit of effort, even if it’s incredibly competitive, and that at the very least it’d be practice with putting together a book proposal.

Last Monday I was informed that my contract with the Game Show Network will be ending soon. After a night of scrambling to apply for any creative job I am vaguely qualified for, I was not eager to get back to work the next day (but I went anyway).

I got a call from an unknown number on my cell phone around lunchtime and almost ignored it. Fortunately I didn’t, and it happened to be Alan Andres, Secretary of the Associates. I figured they were doing brief phone interviews with candidates, and stepped out of the office for a moment to talk.

“Are you sitting down?”

I sat.

“You won.”

I’ve cried happy tears for a week now, and have been receiving kind emails and phone calls from friends and family and past mentors and teachers. I’m overwhelmed with all the love I’ve received this past week. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have so much support, and to have earned such an amazing opportunity.

June 3rd is my last day at GSN, and from there I plan on using the summer to get a head start on my project. Of course, I will be doing Under the Apple Tree. I’ve given myself a tall order, and if I hope to finish I’ll have to do about a page a day. It’s doable, I’m just going to have to push myself to new levels of motivation and dedication toward my work.

I’m ridiculously excited, and I can’t wait. I plan on using this blog to chronicle my endeavor, and hopefully will begin posting concept work soon (I’m starting from the ground up to produce the most consistent product possible).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Associates.

(Oh, and Philadelphia was amazing. I’m pretty sure last week was one of the best weeks of my life. Well, so far.)