Official Announcement!

The Associates of the Boston Public Library have put out the official press release, and I am now on their website!

I’m celebrating all over again, now it’s official! Also, T-minus eight work days until comics become my full time job. I think I’ll be staying at the Game Show Network part time for a little while, and I’m glad – working alone is going to drive me crazy enough as is!

Thanks to a Living Social deal, I have coming to me in the mail 2500 little cards to hand out with Under the Apple Tree’s information on them. Thank goodness for coupons! I’m hoping these will help spread the word; once the website is up, I’ll be leaving them at libraries, comic shops, etc, so people can grab one and check it out later.

I made this image specifically for that purpose, but the original is 11″x17″. Needs a bit of detail work, but I’m pretty pleased with the overall outcome. Say hello to the main character’s first appearance as Rosie!