Bloody Jack

I’ve been reading Bloody Jack, a cross-dressing swash-buckling adventure series by LA Meyer, and it is good. Really good. In my top five all-time favorites, even.

In the second book, after pretending to be a boy and joining the English navy, Jacky Faber’s sent to a girls’ school in Boston to learn how to be a lady. She meets Amy, and they have an adorable friendship. It’s my favorite book so far, mostly because there’s some really fun Boston history snuck in between bouts of mischief.

I’ve been doing 30 minute warm-up doodles before working on pages for my graphic novel Under the Apple Tree (which has a Facebook page now, by the way), and decided to draw Amy and Jacky today.

And here’s another past warm-up doodle, Rue from Hunger Games (who’s excited about that movie? Me! Click for larger version):