Harriet’s Friend

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as I battle WordPress hackers! I had a couple old test installs on my domain and all heck kind of broke loose this past week. I’m hoping that everything is fixed though, and no one will be redirected to anymore sketchy Russian websites! (Please let me know ASAP if that happens to you; email me by clicking the envelope icon on the bottom right of the website.)

Secondly, Under the Apple Tree is going strong! We are entering the second-to-last (and my personal favorite) chapter, and the comic is on schedule to finish in June. If you haven’t been reading, now’s a great time to jump in as the plot picks up!

Thirdly/lastly, I’ve been working on the script and concept artwork for my next project, tentatively titled “Harriet’s Friend” (hopefully I will think of something better by the summer). It’s going to be transmedia, and I’m silly excited about it. Keep an eye on this blog for updates, as well as my tumblr and/or twitter for art sneak-peeks!