Life is so exciting!

My fellowship as Writer-in-Residence with the Associates of the Boston Public Library is wrapping up as of June 1st and I’m currently looking toward the future. I have a few job prospects but also a new personal project as potential summer occupations, so we’ll see where life leads me. I’ve also been invited to Halifax, Nova Scotia to make comics for two weeks in June with the Roberts Street Social Centre. I can barely contain myself with excitement!

One week from today, on Sunday, May 20th, I’ll be at the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland, ME. If you’re in the area, stop by for free postcards and Avengers doodles!

Then, after a short intermission, Under the Apple Tree will begin updates again on Monday, May 21st, and we are quickly approaching the homestretch. There are only a couple pages before the last chapter begins and we reach the thrilling conclusion.

I’ve been updating my tumblr quite regularly with sketches and pictures of my cat, so if you’re interested in this sorts of things, follow me!