Current Desktop Art

Main Desktop, Lindsay Nohl Cintiq Background, James Jean

I find it interesting to see what other artists choose for backgrounds on their computers and devices, so I figured I’d share mine. As you can see, I prefer kind of plain/patterned stuff so it’s not distracting while I work. I’m also pretty meticulous about keeping organized and I try not to clutter the desktop with lots of things.

Top is my main screen. I tend to use a lot of patterns by Lindsay Nohlher blog has a ton of really beautiful ones. They’re just interesting/pretty enough without being distracting, I really love them. See the source for this pattern here.

The bottom image is my Cintiq’s background. I found this piece by James Jean in super high resolution somewhere, ages ago. Its colors are understated so I can work over it easily, but it still shows his sense of form and stylization that I drool over, so it’s inspiring to catch a glimpse while I move windows around. See the original on his site here.