2014 Projects, Publications, & Shows

Colonial Comics

It’s shaping up to be a busy year and it’s barely even begun!

First, I’d like to direct you to the new “Projects” section on this website. I’m listing information there on my work in comics, including titles, publishers, and release dates (I can’t express how exciting it is to have added a “Publications” section to my resume/CV)! Go check it out.

One of the announced publications is for the bonus content I drew for Lora Innes’ The Dreamer (you might remember my mention of it a while back). She’s been an amazing mentor as I’ve worked my way into the comics industry and it’s an honor to be included in the print edition of her series.

The other announcement is for my Colonial Comics contribution. I can’t express how excited I am about that anthology!

Second, I will be at a lot of different shows this spring. I’ve never done this many in an entire year, let alone the span of a few months –– wish me luck!

Anime Boston
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
March 21-23
(Not tabling myself, but will be there with Alan and Lora –– let me know if you want to meet up!)

Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo
Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, Columbus, OH
April 12-13

Toronto Comics Arts Festival
Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, ON
May 9-11

Maine Comics Arts Festival
Portland Company Complex, Portland, ME
May 18