It’s Aliiive

Colonial Comics is alive and well and in shiny print!

Colonial Comics

Here’s a blurb about my story: “Puritan America was, for women, a time of tremendous restriction. For those with an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, their best bet was to marry a supportive man who would allow them a certain amount of autonomy, giving them the status to make such endeavors socially acceptable. One of these women was Mary Huntris. A series of court records chronicle her struggle for independence and the archnemesis she gained along the way.” More information can be found here.

Title Page

You can order it through your favorite local bookseller (or Amazon, if that’s your cup of tea). Keep up with the Colonial Comics blog for information about giveaways and resources for educators.

And, I am proud to announce, you should keep your eye out for news about the second volume –– I’ll have a story in that one, as well!