Entertainment Weekly feature + Vertoscope Kickstarter

The Vertoscope Kickstarter has launched just in time for Halloween and Entertainment Weekly has featured my story! “Breakfast in Bed” is a tale of haunted armor, unfortunate mistakes, and true love. Story and layouts by me, art by the amazing Hannah KriegerRead it all here.

Gorgeous Vertoscope cover art by Lynn Nyugen.

Vertoscope cover

For everyone who likes to explore the dark side, VERTOSCOPE is an all-new original comics anthology that specializes in beasts, villains, and shadows. From the ravenous werewolf to the schoolyard bully, VERTOSCOPE seeks to tell stories that bypass shiny heroes and get behind the lens of those who do wrong. Editors and comic artists Nechama Frier and Ten Van Winkle are proud to unveil this graphic novel anthology featuring twenty-two creators presenting sixteen psychological shorts focused on the theme “antagonist as protagonist”.

Creators are often encouraged to the point of tedium to create protagonists that are likable, relatable, and possessed of redeeming qualities. Those are the basics. But sometimes, having a complex, realistic character takes you in a direction opposite of “good guy”. VERTOSCOPE is for a particular kind of reader that chases that complexity. This anthology is brought to you by creators who have sat through dozens of movies, books, and comics falling in love with the despicable characters. We don’t hate the hero or happy ending, but straightforward stories about a good person are easy to find. VERTOSCOPE is for readers who crave the challenge of understanding someone immoral, and who exorcise their own demons by watching someone else live them out. They allow space for the darkness inside of them and grow from investigating it through fiction.

The VERTOSCOPE anthology will be a 200 page softcover graphic novel that intimately explores a diverse set of villains from a range of genres. There are countless stories for readers who want to watch a hero become the best version of themselves. For those who want to see the best of the bad, there’s VERTOSCOPE.