Featured on the Huffington Post


Huge thanks to Priscilla Frank from huffpo for this feature on my work in erotic comics! I was really glad for this chance to discuss erotic comics as a genre, as it’s a great passion of mine and often isn’t given the credit it deserves.

When creating a sex scene, what are the main things on your mind in terms of what you’re trying to convey and communicate? 

I go in with the mindset that sex itself isn’t the point of my comics, but rather it’s natural progression of a greater story. Even if it’s a vignette where we only see that particular kind of moment between the characters, there are always ways to weave in context and add depth. Sex offers opportunities for character development and growth that are really unique and special. After all, when else do we see them vulnerable quite like this? And I want to make the most of that.

Read more here! (Warning: minor nudity and sexuality in the sample illustrations, may not be work appropriate.)