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Outfit of the Day

November 26, 2015

Outfit of the Day

November 26, 2015

Outfit of the Day

November 26, 2015

I’m bad at people

November 26, 2015

Special ones

November 26, 2015

Keep me warm

November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015

Wizard robe

November 26, 2015

Body image

November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015

Cat lady comics

November 26, 2015

RIP Creepus

November 26, 2015


November 25, 2015

News: Late 2013 Festivities

It’s been a busy end-of-year! I finished the piece for Fulcrum Publishing’s Colonial Comics anthology (detail above) and am rolling straight into the project I worked on over the summer at the Center for Cartoon studies. I’ve also received confirmation that I will be exhibiting at the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in… Read more »

News: The Center for Cartoon Studies

If you follow me on social media, you already know that I spent the past week at the Center for Cartoon Studies for the Graphic Novel Workshop. I shall record my experience here for, you know, posterity or something. It all began Sunday evening. Coated in sand and salt from my aunt’s beach wedding that afternoon,… Read more »

News: Peter and Wendy

J. M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy (read it for free on Project Gutenberg) will forever be one of my favorite books. It has its flaws, but all in all, it’s a very different story than the Peter Pan play (and, consequently, Disney movie) version. Someday I would like to do a full graphic novel adaptation… Read more »

News: In Memoriam C.C.S.

It’s been a rough few weeks. My chinchilla, Creepus, fell ill again, and I ended up having to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. He’d been sick for a while, it was only a matter of time, but it was rough all the same. At this point I’m just grateful that I… Read more »

News: Contribution to The Dreamer!

I drew a rather sassy scene in Lora Innes’ Director’s Cut Edition of The Dreamer issue #14! You can read it by signing up for her newsletter on her website. There are other guest-drawn scenes by some very talented people!

News: Soon, so very soon…

Looking forward to when I can start showing off progress on my summer project. It might have something to do with…   Want to hear more? All the reason to come visit at MECAF in May! Also, this portfolio site is sorely in need of some TLC. Keep an eye out for a redesign in the… Read more »

News: Sketch blog on Tumblr!

Life has been busy and exciting! Here are some updates on my current whereabouts: • I finished my graphic novel project with the Associates of the Boston Public Library. • Since then, I’ve been working as a Digital Arts & Humanities Fellow at Harvard University. My main gig there is designing/running the DARTH Crimson website, check… Read more »

News: Spring & Summer Festivities

It’s been an exciting year so far, that’s for sure! I spent much of March through May working with various branches of the Boston Public Library and various schools in the Boston/Cambridge area on storytelling workshops. We made ashcan comics and I had an absolute blast. I also attended the Maine Comic Arts Festival as… Read more »

News: Boston Globe Article

Last Wednesday was the annual Children’s Writer-in-Residence reception at the Boston Public Library, where last year’s fellow, Elaine Dimopoulos, presented her finished manuscript, and I was introduced as the new. It was absolutely wonderful, I met some positively lovely people, and I am even more excited for the next seven and a half months! The… Read more »

News: MICE, UtAT

I will be an exhibitor at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo on Saturday, September 24 in Cambridge! I’m not sure what I’ll be bringing with me, but rest assured I will be pimpin’ some Under the Apple Tree action. Speaking of UtAT, twice-weekly updates have started. Read it, you know you want to!

News: UtAT is underway!

My Game Artist position with The Game Show Network wrapped up in July, and I’m using the rest of the summer to get a head start on Under the Apple Tree! It’s my goal to have the first chapter finished by the start of the fellowship in September so that my first day can coincide… Read more »

News: Official Announcement!

The Associates of the Boston Public Library have put out the official press release, and I am now on their website! I’m celebrating all over again, now it’s official! Also, T-minus eight work days until comics become my full time job. I think I’ll be staying at the Game Show Network part time for a… Read more »