Sometimes folks ask me if I’m available for personal commissions, and the answer is: Maybe! Sometimes? It’s complicated.

If you’re interested in commissioning something, please feel free to drop a line via email! I’ll always be glad to hear from you, even if my schedule’s too tight to take on something right this second. Sometimes I schedule them a few months in advance, if you’re up for waiting.

Please also keep in mind that my Patreon includes various levels of sketches and commissions as rewards.

Traditional Sketch Commissions

$20 USD: I’ll mail you a real life postcard with a little doodle on it! Always open for these, you can order one by sending the money and your mailing address via PayPal.

$50+ USD plus shipping: I’ll draw you a really nice little color sketch of a character/person/critter of your choosing (or more than one, for a higher rate). I work very small (postcard size) and use a combination of pencil, ink, and watercolor. You can find examples of my tiny drawings on Instagram.

Digital Commissions

$50 USD: Small and simple color digital commission, like an avatar portrait for social media or bust sketch of your D&D character! You get the final file to share/print/cherish, about postcard-sized. Email me to discuss before payment.

$100+ USD: This is where more polished, fleshed out illustrations start, cost increasing depending on how many characters, background, complexity, etc. Email me to discuss!

↑ Tasteful NSFW art is an option! Here’s a crop from a commissioned pinup.

↑ Cover for a self-published poetry chapbook.

↑ Engagement portrait commission reward from the Fresh Romance Kickstarter.

Bennett & Darcy

↑ Commission of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice for a wedding.

ivynoelle ↑ Regency portrait commission reward from the Fresh Romance Kickstarter.

wedding cake topper ↑ Commission used as a wedding cake topper and thank you card illustration.