Watch it on Vimeo. Reel breakdown is underneath.


Bread Web Services hired me to do character design and other illustrations for a game to be placed in a museum exhibit.

The top screen is on an upright monitor, and the bottom gameplay screen is on a touch table.

I designed Ebenezer Alligator and created several arm and mouth positions for the animator to use.


Studio Cypher contracted me to spearhead the art direction of Tiger Trackers, a Facebook game created as a fundraiser for the new Siberian tiger exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. I developed concepts and hired/managed a small team of artists.

Click through for gameplay mockups.

Here are some of the concepts I created.


Currently I am contracted by GSN Digital to work on art for games for their websites, including and The games include both licensed titles (Bejeweled, Zuma, Wheel of Fortune) and originals.

I was given the task of updating older games and I completely revamped Golf Solitaire and Free Cell from the ground up. Below are links to videos of the looping intro animations and before/after comparisons. I invented characters to breathe life into the outdated games and designed more exciting, modern interfaces, completely changing the look and feel.


Click to view the intro animation for Golf Solitaire!




Click to view the intro animation for Free Cell!



I also created many new icon sets for Swap-It! themes.


For most of 2010 I worked for Six Red Marbles, an educational media solutions agency operating out of Charlestown, Massachusetts. In that time we developed three educational computer games: Cabanga, Juba and Waza. I worked on all of them, but most of my time was dedicated to Cabanga as lead illustrator.

Watch the demo, or
Check out the storyboards
by designer Pamela Earle!

I designed 60 diverse characters to populate the game’s environment along with animated head shots, avatars and other illustrated assets.
I developed concepts for the story
behind award-winning Juba.
Concept OneTwoThree
Waza, a math game for the youngest of learners, required dozens of connect the dot activities.
Click the image to view.


Here are some relevant odds and ends.

I designed an adorable robot for a project that eventually fell through. So he didn’t go to waste,
I had him do a little dance.
Click to view animation!

Filmmaker Chelsea Spear needed an animated segment for her short “Jumbo in a Jar” that received a decent amount of local media coverage.