2020 illustration:

Twisted Romance #4 cover:

“The Only One” Fresh Romance wraparound cover:

Valiant’s Faith #11 variant cover:

Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2 cover:

Adventure Time #55 subscriber cover:
Adventure Time

December comic for The Nib’s 2018 Calendar of Obscure Holidays:

Moth wizard illustration for Light Grey Art Lab’s Lost Isle of Kismet exhibition:

Newbury Comics exclusive cover for Adventure Time: Ice King #1:
Valiant’s Faith #12 variant cover:

Rugrats #7
subscription variant cover:

Greeting card design for Rosy Press:Fresh Romance greeting card
Witchsona Witchsona detail
Spread illustration for 1001 Knights:
1001k 1001k3
New Years card:
New Years
Poster design for Mass Humanities:
FAIR Poster