Here’s a quick guide to where you can find me around the net!

News & information

Newsletter –– The best way to keep up with news and updates about my work.

Portfolio –– This website! Check out the books and stuff that I’ve made.

Patreon –– Free basic news posts, plus a steady stream of paid posts with art and writing snippets I don’t share anywhere else. –– Find PDFs of my shorter comics projects.

If you like my work and want to send a tip another way, Ko-fi and Paypal are both options!


Twitter –– I’m most active here, while it lasts.

Instagram & Tumblr –– Less active, more casual.

I may or may not end up using them regularly, but I do have Hive (swinsea), Plurk, Cohost, Pillowfort, and Mastodon accounts.


Drop a line at Please use email for professional inquiries, not social media messages.