Complete Bibliography

Graphic Novels & Series

Sincerely, Harriet graphic novel, Lerner Publishing’s Graphic Universe, 2019; solo

Sparks graphic novel, Iron Circus Comics & Filthy Figments, 2018; solo

Ruined in Eisner-nominated Fresh Romance, Rosy Press & Oni Press, ongoing series 2015–2016; co-created with writer Sarah Vaughn

Under the Apple Tree graphic novel at the Boston Public Library, self-published, 2011–2012 residency; solo

Short Comics

“A Quick Ruck” in Score!*, Filthy Figments, June 2018; solo

“Ladies of the Lake” in Gothic Tales of Haunted Love*, Bedside Press, January 2018; solo

Stargirl” in Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2, IDW, December 2017; solo

“Be Cool” in Mine! Planned Parenthood benefit anthology, ComicMix, December 2017; solo

“I Trust Him” in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux*, Bedside Press, October 2017; solo

Lindy West’s Outfit of the Day, Perth Writers Festival 2017” in Bitch magazine issue #75, The Invisibility Issue, May 2017; solo

Fat Intimacy” (NSFW) for Oh Joy Sex Toy, Oni Press/Limerence, May 2017; solo

The Only One” in Fresh Romance, Emet Comics, February 2017; laid out and colored by me, written by Cecil Castellucci, final line art drawn by Irene Koh

The Price of Acceptance” for The Nib, February 2017; solo

You’ll Be Just Fine” for Rewire, February 2017; solo

A Lonely Line” in Colonial Comics II, Fulcrum Publishing, January 2017; written by me, drawn by Carey Pietsch

“A Pilgrim’s Process” in Enough Space for Everyone Else*, Bedside Press, January 2017; solo

Darkling” in Oath Anthology of New Heroes*, December 2016; written by me, drawn by Carey Pietsch

Haunted” in L’Immanquable and Filthy Figments, October 2016; solo

Till Her Final Breath“, September 2016; drawn by me, written by Greg van Eekhout

Fatness, Femininity, and the Media We Deserve” for The Nib, September 2016; solo

Fifty Years” in The Other Side*, July 2016; written and laid out by me, drawn by Hannah Krieger

A Work in Progress” (NSFW) for Oh Joy Sex Toy, Oni Press/Limerence and Bitch Media, April 2016; solo

Breakfast in Bed” in Vertoscope*, April 2016; written and laid out by me, drawn by Hannah Krieger

Seaside Sweethearts” in Food Porn*, Filthy Figments, April 2016; solo

The Origin of U.S. Fair Use” and other comics for Fair Use Week and Harvard Library, February 2015 & 2016; co-created with Jackie Roche and Kyle Courtney

Better Than Fiction” in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Bedside Press and Dark Horse, December 2015 and October 2016; solo

Delicious Escapism” in Chainmail Bikini*, October 2015; solo

Deep Breaths” in Love in All Forms*, September 2015; solo

Growth” in Dirty Diamonds: Beauty*, September 2015; solo

First” for Filthy Figments, February 2015; solo

Drawing Conclusions” at Harvard University, 2014–2015 academic year; co-created with Dr. Nicole Legnani

Unheard Voices” in Then It Was Dark*, February 2015; solo

Gorgeous” in Smut Peddler, Iron Circus Comics, October 2014; solo

The Savagery of Civility” in Symbolia: Deep Trouble, October 2014; co-created with Dr. Nicole Legnani

The Missing Cheese” in Colonial Comics: New England 1620–1750, Fulcrum Publishing, October 2014

“Deleted Scene” in The Dreamer: Countdown to Culper, IDW Publishing, March 2014; drawn by me, written by Lora Innes

Various strips for Knit Princess, 2012; drawn by me, written by Allison Sarnoff

“Arina’s Forest” in Spera, 2012; drawn by me, written by Josh Tierney

Illustrations, Covers, & Other Publications

Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2 cover, IDW, December 2017

December comic for The Nib’s 2018 Calendar of Obscure Holidays, September 2017

Patch design for Comics For Choice fundraiser, September 2017

Spread illustration in 1001 Knights*, TBA 2017

Faith variant covers for issues #11 & #12, Valiant, May & June 2017

Illustration for The Adventure Zine: fan art for Facing Hunger fundraiser, October 2016

Adventure Time #55 subscriber cover, BOOM! Studios, August 2016

Illustration in Ryan North’s NYT best-selling Romeo and/or Juliet, Riverhead Books/Penguin, June 2016

Adventure Time: Ice King #1 Newbury Comics exclusive cover, BOOM! Studios, January 2016

Illustrations for the best TV of 2015 list, the A.V. Club, December 2015

Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts” visual essay for Women Write About Comics, November 2015

Deep Trouble cover, Symbolia magazine, October 2014

* independent anthologies