Complete Bibliography

Note: Unless stated otherwise, all works are both written and drawn by yours truly.

Graphic Novels & Series

The Greatest Thing young adult graphic novel, First Second, 2020

Sincerely, Harriet middle grade graphic novel, Graphic Universe, May 2019

Sparks series and graphic novel, Iron Circus Comics & Filthy Figments, ongoing

Ruined series in Eisner-nominated Fresh Romance, Rosy Press & Oni Press, 2015–2016; co-created with writer Sarah Vaughn

Under the Apple Tree graphic novella at the Boston Public Library, self-published, 2011–2012 residency

Short Comics

“A Quick Ruck” in Score!*, Filthy Figments, upcoming in 2018

“Massachusetts” for Draw Out the Vote, Oni Press, September 2018

“Dwelf Princess Goals” for Oh Joy Sex Toy (NSFW) and Neither Here Nor Hair, May 2018

“Legacies” in Twisted Romance #4, Image Comics, February 2018

Ladies of the Lake” in Gothic Tales of Haunted Love*, Bedside Press, January 2018

Stargirl” in Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2, IDW, December 2017

Calendar of Obscure Holidays December comic, The Nib & Topatoco, December 2017

“Be Cool” in Mine! Planned Parenthood benefit anthology, ComicMix, December 2017

“I Trust Him” in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux*, Bedside Press, October 2017

Lindy West’s Outfit of the Day, Perth Writers Festival 2017” in Bitch magazine issue #75, The Invisibility Issue, May 2017

Fat Intimacy” (NSFW) for Oh Joy Sex Toy, Oni Press/Limerence, May 2017

The Only One” in Fresh Romance, Emet Comics, February 2017; laid out and colored by me, written by Cecil Castellucci, final line art drawn by Irene Koh

The Price of Acceptance” for The Nib, February 2017; 2018 Cartoonist Studio Prize shortlist

You’ll Be Just Fine” for Rewire, February 2017

A Lonely Line” in Colonial Comics II, Fulcrum Publishing, January 2017; written by me, drawn by Carey Pietsch

“A Pilgrim’s Process” in Enough Space for Everyone Else*, Bedside Press, January 2017

Darkling” in Oath Anthology of New Heroes*, December 2016; written by me, drawn by Carey Pietsch

Haunted” in L’Immanquable and Filthy Figments, October 2016

Till Her Final Breath“, September 2016; drawn by me, written by Greg van Eekhout

Fatness, Femininity, and the Media We Deserve” for The Nib, September 2016

Fifty Years” in The Other Side*, July 2016; written and laid out by me, drawn by Hannah Krieger

A Work in Progress” (NSFW) for Oh Joy Sex Toy, Oni Press/Limerence and Bitch Media, April 2016

Breakfast in Bed” in Vertoscope*, April 2016; written and laid out by me, drawn by Hannah Krieger

Seaside Sweethearts” in Food Porn*, Filthy Figments, April 2016

The Origin of U.S. Fair Use” and other comics for Fair Use Week and Harvard Library, February 2015, 2016, & 2017; co-created with Jackie Roche and Kyle Courtney

Better Than Fiction” in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Bedside Press and Dark Horse, December 2015 and October 2016

Delicious Escapism” in Chainmail Bikini*, October 2015

Deep Breaths” in Love in All Forms*, September 2015

Growth” in Dirty Diamonds: Beauty*, September 2015

First” for Filthy Figments, February 2015

Drawing Conclusions” at Harvard University, 2014–2015 academic year; co-created with Dr. Nicole Legnani

Unheard Voices” in Then It Was Dark*, February 2015

Gorgeous” in Smut Peddler, Iron Circus Comics, October 2014

The Savagery of Civility” in Symbolia: Deep Trouble, October 2014; co-created with Dr. Nicole Legnani

The Missing Cheese” in Colonial Comics: New England 1620–1750, Fulcrum Publishing, October 2014

“Deleted Scene” in The Dreamer: Countdown to Culper, IDW Publishing, March 2014; drawn by me, written by Lora Innes

Various strips for Knit Princess, 2012; drawn by me, written by Allison Sarnoff

“Arina’s Forest” in Spera, 2012; drawn by me, written by Josh Tierney

Illustrations, Covers, & Other Publications

Sex blogging superheroes illustration, Kinkly, November 2018 (link contains adult content)

Rugrats #7 subscription variant cover, Kaboom!, April 2018

Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2 cover B, IDW, December 2017

December comic for The Nib’s 2018 Calendar of Obscure Holidays, September 2017

Patch design for Comics For Choice anthology, September 2017; Best Anthology Ignatz winner, 2018

Spread illustration in 1001 Knights*, December 2017

Faith variant covers for issues #11 & #12, Valiant, May & June 2017

Torchbearer charity print contributor, Topatoco, June 2017

Illustration for The Adventure Zine: fan art for Facing Hunger fundraiser, October 2016

Adventure Time #55 subscriber cover, BOOM! Studios, August 2016

Illustration in Ryan North’s Romeo and/or Juliet, Riverhead Books/Penguin, June 2016; New York Times bestseller

Adventure Time: Ice King #1 Newbury Comics exclusive cover, BOOM! Studios, January 2016

Illustrations for the best TV of 2015 list, the A.V. Club, December 2015

Faith in Representation: Valiant Efforts” visual essay for Women Write About Comics, November 2015

Deep Trouble cover, Symbolia magazine, October 2014

* independent anthologies