Finished Art • Line Art • Colors • Process

Here’s a quick sampler of complete sequential art where I have done all of the pencils, inks, and colors. Click pages for more on that project. Find complete stories to read under “Comics” and “News”!

A page from my “Stargirl” short in Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2:

Pages from my “Ladies of the Lake” short in Haunted Tales of Gothic Love:

A page from my “Legacies” short in Twisted Romance #4:

Excerpts from my ongoing creator-owned series Sparks:

Excerpts from my short comics for L’Immanquable magazine:

Pages from Sarah Vaughn’s and my Ruined series, featured in Fresh Romance (letters by Ryan Ferrier):

Ruined1 Ruined2 Ruined3 Ruined4RuinedRuined

Page from my “First” short for Filthy Figments: